Our Story

Better Every Day!
At Seren, our goal is to provide access to high-quality CBD products for the purpose of achieving elevated athletic routines, stress-free working environments, and healthy, balanced lives.

Seren manifested as our answer to a simple(-ish) question:

How can we do it all?
Handle the daily grind… Not just handle it, but be our best self every day… Not just be our best self, but incrementally improve on what our best means!

We have yet to find a miracle cure or one-time fix answering our question. However, while starting Seren CBD, we focused on discovering tools within our grasp, rooted in nature, and easily incorporated into our daily routine.

Our best self isn’t just productivity at work; it’s mentally strong, physically fit, and emotionally balanced! We need to fuel, rest, and enhance our bodies and minds. We get sore muscles tearing it up on the slopes, taking long hikes, and hitting PR’s in the gym. We constantly experience anxiety and stress from personal and professional responsibilities as well as have occasional lapses in maintaining our healthy habits. But, the next day still inevitably comes and we still have to be there to continue grinding.

As weekend warriors/gym-goers/over-time working superstars, any product we commit to using daily has to do it all for us. Just like we strive to do it all in our everyday lives! We were able to see the difference by using CBD, which led us to dive deeper into the nature of this product and its benefits.

Our commitment to quality is thorough, transparent, and data-driven. Scouring the market, we saw far too few CBD products and brands that met our high standards. So we sought the best CBD manufacturers in the nation, verified that they only worked with the leading CBD extraction companies, then we ensured they only grow organic hemp on sustainable USA farms, and finally, we checked every single batch of our end product with ISO certified 3rd party laboratories.

From planted seeds to packaged products, we care about anything that affects our CBD because our customers have become accustomed to that special level of effectiveness and quality. We recognize and salute all of our differences! From flavors and strengths to consumption preferences, we offer a variety of options for each one of us, unique and awesome individuals! And of course, as pet owners, it’s incredible to create something that benefits our furry adventure companions! Our pets are our family, so the standards and sourcing for our animal products are the same as our human ones!

So welcome to Seren CBD!
We are happy to grow our community, helping people stay naturally elevated at their best, day in, day out.

And while we focus on improving ourselves we also strive to improve the world we live in, by donating a percentage of our sales to supporting STEM education for women as well as youth athletic clubs in struggling countries. And of course, we love to occasionally donate some of our CBD products to our local Fort Collins pet shelters.

Check out our new Seren Ambassador Program!

Bounce Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization focused on rescuing and transitioning displaced domestic animals into their ideal homes. Specifically, this non-profit was always close to our founders’ heart and home because from this rescue they got their dog, Laika.

Girls Who Code is on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. This non-profit is relevant in our founders life because our co-founder Kateryna and her mom Tatiana are immigrants from Ukraine and developers by the profession.

SkiDUCK is an entirely volunteer based non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of financially disadvantaged, minority and at-risk youth by teaching and sharing the joys of skiing and snowboarding. Our founders choose this non-profit because Skiing and Snowboarding has become one of the most favorite their activities and they love to share this opportunity with the ones who aren’t able to experience it otherwise.

Ball To All is a non-profit organization that was founded with a simple premise: keep kids playing – it will help them grow healthier, happier and at the same time, keep them out of trouble. Our co-founder Peter, has been involved with the soccer since yong age and we would love to extent this opportunity to those in need and “give the ball to all” kids around the world.