Our Process

As part of our commitment to better the our world and all the people living here, we create focused, measured, meaningful partnerships.

Hemp-Based Products

Hemp is not manufactured in a single way. There are many ways hemp companies produce it. That is why not all hemp products are made equally. So, the quality of CBD may also vary depending on the manufacturing process, which means not all CBD products same.

Though you can find many CBD products out there, we are unmatched! We aim to craft the most effective and high-quality CBD for you and your loved ones. In addition, we always strive for excellence in everything we do, from manufacturing to customer service. Also, we work with experts to ensure the creation of high-quality products that meet and exceed your expectations.

The Leading CBD Manufacturing

As you know, we aim to deliver the most potent and effective CBD. To provide the best CBD products, we are cautious when it comes to choosing a manufacturing partner. This is because we will never compromise the quality.

Our CBD manufacturing partners have the sharpest minds in the industry and years of experience. Also, they have an excellent team of farmers and extractors. They are who are bounded to cultivating clean and premium hemp-derived phytocannabinoids. Our expert and professional CBD product manufacturer ensures that every ingredient used is diligently sourced and lab tested.

They remain bonded to developing new and purifying existing formulas that lead set new standards for quality and effectiveness.

The Process for the Highest Quality CBD

USA-Grown Hemp

We grow our hemp in carefully selected organic farms. Then, we test all of our hemp products. This way, we meet the highest standard of quality for the end result.

Superior Organic Farming

Our partner creates every product by starting it with our natural proprietary strains of hemp. This hemp is the most potent and high in CBD. We grow all of our products in nutrient-rich soil in the USA on organic fields.

Our manufacturing partners follow the strictest requirements of the organic CBD extraction process to create high-quality CBD. Doing this enhances the quality and also helps us make sure our products are perfect in their potency, quality, and consistency.

Hemp Flower Processing

After harvesting the crop, we leave it to dry. After the drying process, farmers remove the buds or flowers. Then they will store them in a climate-controlled environment until they are ready for the next cycle. To create the most potent CBD oil, we avoid stalks, leaves, seeds, or stems. We remove all the buds just before the extraction process.

Proprietary Whole Plant Extraction

Our goal is to create the most effective CBD and we have to follow strict guidelines to develop it. To make an outstanding CBD oil, we generate it through a process that preserves the original naturally occurring CBD such as phytocannabinoids and terpenes. Once we extract the oil then it goes through a series of refining steps. This process produces a beautiful honey-colored organic CBD oil. This CBD oil is free from pesticides, solvents, waxes, and fats. The full-spectrum oil has under 0.3% THC.

THC Removal

We cannot compromise on quality. That is why we cannot tolerate even a slight amount of THC in our broad-spectum CBD products. To make our CBD products free from THC, we run a proprietary organic chromatography process that removes THC. This is a unique, proprietary, and expensive process. That is why the genuine broad-spectrum CBD products are so rare. We also provide lab reports about our broad-spectrum CBD oil; these reports show that our products contain no detectable (0.0%) THC.

CBD Product Development and Manufacturing

As mentioned above, we aim to develop the high-quality CBD products on the planet. That is why we use only organic ingredients in our products. Our production is located at 20,000 square feet facility in Fort Collins, Colorado. It is also registered with the FDA and USDA certified organic.

Third-Party Lab Testing

To ensure quality, all our products go through rigorous third-party lab testing at an ISO-certified lab. They receive the most inclusive testing available: microbial, potency metals, solvents, and pesticides.

Batch Level Transparency

We send every batch of our products for full-panel analysis that consists of hundreds of tests. These tests provide a detailed report verifying the efficacy and purity of each product. Above all, each CBD product has a QR code linking to third-party lab testing reports and internal lab reports.

Proprietary Nanoemulsion Technology

We care about your health. No matter what CBD is for, we aim to provide the best quality. That is why we use Nano Technology to ensure the quality of our CBD oils. This proprietary process changes our CBD oils into water-soluble nano-sized particles. These particles lead to to more excellent absorption and therefore, it boosts the effectiveness.

We also use other proprietary technology to develop the water-soluble CBD powder used in our dog treats and a couple of other upcoming products. Our bodies have difficulty absorbing oil, so any water-soluble product you consume would be a lot more bioavailable.

Sustainability (Free Carbon-Neutral Shipping)

We know how much your health is important for you. This is the reason why we care about you and our world. So, we use organic process to craft our CBD products. After that, we now bottle our formulas into recyclable containers and get ready to send them to our potential customers across the country. Moreover, we extend our commitment to the way we ship our products. We make sure our shipping process and eco-friendly and sustainable.